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The Original 3D socks with ears and wings. Our designs include Unicorn, giraffe, puppy, cat, dog, bunny, frog, pig, owl, red panda socks

Unicorn socks with wings. Billie is born January 29, Zodiac: Aquarius

Red Panda socks with ears. Twig is born October 1, Zodiac: Libra

Corporate Juggling Class Airkit


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      This is corporate class booking for Airkit

      Up to 20 people - $1500

      Up to 40 people - $2800

      if your group is less than 20 people please email

      Everything needed for the class will be shipped to you. 

      • Juggling strengthen brain's pathways. 
      • Increases your dopamine levels. 
      • Improves reaction time, reflexes, spatial awareness, strategic thinking, and concentration.  
      • Juggling is an ultimate stress reliever. 
      • Improves your coordination. 
      • It rewires your brain to think differently. 

        Schedule your custom class, email

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