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Motivational Quotes Templates

Posted on May 31 2016

Motivational Quotes Templates

Motivation Monday

Whenever I get overwhelmed with work, tasks, goals or life in general, my first instinct is to give up and recharge and often times inspirational words come to me right in time from my friends, mentors, good books or people who I follow on social media.

I often try to encourage my followers by posting inspirational and motivational sayings because I know from a personal experience, sometimes I don't need a solution to my problem but I do need courage to keep going as I search for that solution myself.

Motivational quote about success

I always wanted MooshWalks to have their own voice. They are not just cool socks for me, they are little creatures with their own personalities and I love giving them their voice. So today, you can give them a voice as well. I've created these templates for your inspirational quotes, you can share them with people you care about. 

MooshWalks motivation

You can Download any of these templates in our FREE section under Downloads. You can also study what each character stands for for better understanding of their personalities HERE.

Here are some of the examples for your next Motivational Monday or any other days of the week.

MooshWalks quotes  MooshWalks quotes


Share your love and compassion towards others and the same will come back to you. 


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