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The Original 3D socks with ears and wings. Our designs include Unicorn, giraffe, puppy, cat, dog, bunny, frog, pig, owl, red panda socks

Unicorn socks with wings. Billie is born January 29, Zodiac: Aquarius

Red Panda socks with ears. Twig is born October 1, Zodiac: Libra

I Believe in Women

My goal is to develop future female billionaires. Today, we have less than 5% of female CEOs in the FORTUNE 500 companies.  There are many reasons why not many women pursue leadership positions and one of them is because our young girls are not exposed to the right leadership messaging at the right time. I am committed to this vision fully & excited to see the results. Let us give the next generation a leg up. 
Thank you for supporting Moosh Walks in its early stage.
-Olga Kay

Blog posts

  • 5 Tips To Increase Wisdom

    Sat, Aug 17, 19

    CARLA The Wise Owl Birthday: June 17th Zodiac: Gemini Fav Food: Lollipops Superpower: WISDOM Carla guides everyone inside The Moosh Walks village. She can see through any darkness and confusion. ...

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    Sat, Aug 17, 19

    LOLA Birthday: April 14 Power: Compassion  Zodiac: Aries WHY DO WE NEED COMPASSION? Compassion is the most powerful force in the world. It can defeat indifference, intolerance and injustice. It...

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  • Ruffle Your Feathers and Fly

    Sat, Aug 17, 19

     STORY TIME: Two Lola’s went for a walk around the neighborhood when a young Lola said: " I want to fly!"An older Lola replied: "Well kiddo, you have wings for...

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