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What are Superpowers For Success Series?

Superpower for Success Series is a collection of children's books geared towards developing Growth Mind Set at a young age to propel kids to achieve success in adulthood.

Each Moosh Walks character has a real life superpower like: Big ideas, Curiosity, Resilience, Positivity and many others needed to achieve success. Each story is focused on one character and their superpower and how they overcome obstacles on their way to success. All characters are connected to each other to create one big skill: LEADERSHIP and develop success mindset. 

Why is Success Mindset important?

In the next 20 years, people who have an entrepreneurial mindset would find it less challenging to succeed in life. A lot of people don't pursue big dreams due to fear of failure, while any successful person will confirm, that failure(s) are important steps to success. Our mindset is formed in childhood and it either helps us or holds us back from discovering our highest potential. 

Do kids care about Success Mindset?

One sentence can change the whole trajectory of who the kid will become once they reach adulthood. Yes, most kids dream of fun professions like dancing, acting or working with animals which is why it's important to introduce children to more risk taking avenues at an early age to eliminate the fear or leadership inside high stake career paths. 

How do these book help with the process?

 Moosh Walks  Superpowers for Success Series have inspirational stories about each character and how they come together for the greater good. Each story line also comes with an assignment which helps kids to start using these new skills in their everyday life which in return develops copping skills when it comes to challenges, fears and other obstacles that are natural during pursuing something important in life.