MooshWalks FAQ

Can I wash my socks in the washing machine?
YES you can, they can be washed just like any other socks, if you are worried you can put them into a lingerie bag or turn the ear inside of the sock.
Machine wash at 40C / 104F. Tumble dry.
My ears have holes in them, is my product damaged?
No, every ear comes with a small hole on the inside so your MooshWalks can hear better.
Do you ship your product Internationally?
Yes. We ship all over the world. Please note that your country might have an extra fee for customs which is out of our control.
What size are MooshWalks?
One size fits most. Fits well between 5-13 sizes for our adult socks. 0-12M for our newborn socks.
I am a plus size girl, what socks would you recommend?
You can still wear our knee high socks only as ankle socks, the face stays visible so as the ears only around the ankle and not the knees. If that creates discomfort, you would love our Unisex ankle socks. 
Can I find MooshWalks in Stores?
Yes. We are in select Retailers and on Amazon.com
If you have any other question please email them to Socks@MooshWalks.com