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The Original 3D socks with ears and wings. Our designs include Unicorn, giraffe, puppy, cat, dog, bunny, frog, pig, owl, red panda socks

Unicorn socks with wings. Billie is born January 29, Zodiac: Aquarius

Red Panda socks with ears. Twig is born October 1, Zodiac: Libra



Lily The Big Idea Girl from Moosh Walks Animated cartoon character

LILY is a Big Idea Girl. She always wants to make the world better and more fun. Her ideas are not always perfect but she never gives up. Deep inside Lily is a true entrepreneurial spirit and believes that all ideas, big or small are worth exploring until one of her ideas takes off. She owns a puppy named Roxy who is sometimes her personal assistant. 

Spanky the rebel and musician characters from Moosh Walks

SPANKY is a rebel. He is a Rock Star wannabe and his energy is similar to a high speed deflating balloon, in other words, he bounces off the walls which could get very annoying but he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him. Spanky is obsessed with cold pizza first thing in the morning & he is madly in love with Lily.

Fred the video game nerd from Moosh Walks

FRED is a video game nerd. Sure, he is kind of awkward with girls but he can level up inside a video game like no other. He is very smart & kind. Video games are more than entertainment for him, he develops numerous skills as well. Spanky and Lily are his BFFs.