Moosh Walks village home

Welcome to the MOOSH WALKS  village where no one waits for something to happen, they make things happen.  

Lily The Big Idea Girl from Moosh Walks Animated cartoon character

LILY is a Big Idea Girl. Her ideas are not always perfect but she never gives up. Lily is a true entrepreneurial spirit and believes that all ideas, big or small are worth exploring until one of her ideas takes off. She fails sometimes but she knows that every failure brings one step closer to success.  She has a puppy named Roxy who is sometimes her personal assistant. 


SPANKY is a curious one. He never stops exploring new paths and it always leads him to discover something new. He is a Rock Star wannabe and his energy is similar to a high speed deflating balloon, in other words, he bounces off the walls. If Spanky is learning how to play the guitar, he will also learn everything about type of strings, wood and how to preserve his guitar. He is obsessed with cold pizza first thing in the morning & he has a crush on Lily.

Fred Moosh Walks Character in green

FRED's superpower is intelligence. He is very quite but observant. He can access the situation and come up with a very strategic plan. Fred is an avid video game nerd. Video games are more than entertainment for him, he develops numerous skills as well like focus, reaction time and strategy. Spanky and Lily are his BFFs.

roxy moosh walks character

ROXY is a Shih Tzu Puppy and she is obsessed with Bell Peppers! Lily is her mom and taught her many tricks like: rolling over, jumping through hoops, Figure eight and High fives. Roxy knows how to be happy, she is always smiling and jumping with joy. She also runs so fast with a giant grin on her face after she poops. She lives in the house with a cat named Mushka. 

MUSHKA The Nautical Cat with resilience as her superpower. When she comes across problems in life she sees them as fun challenges she can overcome. Nothing scares her or stops her.  She often steals Roxy's food. She is Spanky 's pet, and every time he starts playing a guitar, she jumps on his shoulder and wraps around his neck like a scarf.  

Carla wise owl  moosh walks character

CARLA is a wise owl inside of Moosh Walks World. She is an official spirit animal/bird who protects everyone from harm. Her superpower a wisdom and she is able to guide every character through uncertain times. Carla loves rainbow lollipops. 

Billie The Unicorn moosh walks character pink

BILLIE the magical UNICORN. She is not always around but when she shows up inside MOOSH WALKS Village -- everyone experiences the power of luck. Billie makes every dream come true, she shows up when you have put enough effort and hard work into your passion or project. 

Bruno Moosh Walks character girrafe

BRUNO is a hipster giraffe who starts each morning with a perfectly prepared Acai Bowl. He LOVES neck scarves and styles them very well. His favorite eye shadow color is blue. Bruno is very expressive and runs the neighborhood's LGBTQ community where everyone is welcome.