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Growing up in a tiny village in Russia, I was extremely poor. I dreamed of owning a pair of jeans and new shoes for every season. My dad taught me how to create a candle out of a gauze and olive oil so I could do my homework in the evenings when our electricity was shut off. Gluing extra pieces of rubber to the soles of my shoes to patch up holes for the winter was a ritual. I took my showers in a bucket and we used newspaper as a toilet paper. It was an incredibly difficult childhood, but when I look back, I am so thankful. 

I learned the value of hard work and persistence at an early age. At 14 years old, my family and  I ran away with the circus for a search of a better life. As a small village girl there, I often felt invisible. As my family cleaned animal droppings, I struggled to learn new skills alongside my peers who had been training for years.

Because the circus moved so often, every month I was forced to change friends and schools. I studied some subjects twice and some never at all, so I always felt behind academically.  Ultimately, this drove me to work even harder to accomplish my dreams. I practiced juggling 8 hours a day, after school and on weekends. 

My mother once told me, if I didn’t want to go to college, I would have to work extremely hard to become successful in life…It was the best advice she ever gave me. At 16, I came to USA with my aunt to perform with The Ringling Brothers Circus. At that time, I didn’t even know how to speak English.

I discovered YouTube few years later. I taught myself how to create videos from start to finish. I worked 24/7 building a following. My viewers gave me confidence, and for the first time in my life, I didn’t feel invisible anymore. I had an army of cheerleaders cheering me on.

After creating 2000+ videos, I realized I was exhausted.For the first time in my life, I decided to slow down and get serious about following my true passion - MooshWalks. 

As a kid, I could never afford the latest trends, so I had to invent them myself. When I look back, I remember grey socks with holes, in my memory I am always patching up holes and hoping to wear my socks for few more seasons, throwing socks away & getting new ones was never an option.

I didn’t want to create another colorful sock company. I looked for socks that felt alive and told their own stories and when I couldn’t find anything out there, I knew I had to make it myself. My Mooshwalks characters were an extension of me - and an opportunity to share them with the world. 

I’ve never gone to college, I didn’t have a business degree or any knowledge about how to build a company. So I did what I do best - I dove in and learned from my mistakes along the way. 

Fashion isn’t just a representation of what you wear, it’s a representation of how you feel about yourself. That’s why MooshWalks is so much more than a sock company - it’s the story my own struggles to stand out in a world where I once felt invisible. 


Mooshwalks was founded in 2013. Olga's inspiration comes from Betsey Johnson and Japanese street fashion.


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