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Moosh Walks is a girl empowerment company.

The company was founded on the idea that self expression and individuality is a necessary step to discover your confidence. Confidence leads you to become fearless leader. Each character has a superpower that reminds you that you are not alone on this journey. 

We believe the true superpowers are: confidence, resilience, big ideas, curiosity, perseverance, positive point of view and many other qualities our characters possess.    

Moosh Walks socks capture every character in the Moosh Walks Universe so far and giving the young girls and boys the ability to stand out, make friends and start a conversation.

 moosh walks socks upside down

  • Our mission is to give tools & skills to younger generation to become fearless leaders of tomorrow through our storytelling and subconscious messaging that eliminates fear.¬†
  • Our goal was to innovate plain socks and¬†turn them into a fashion statement.¬†
  • Our¬†Virtual Events right now teach about the power of failing forward as we drop each object and pick it back up and keep on going towards effortless success as we learn how to juggle.¬†¬†

Moosh Walks Founder Olga Kay and Girls

"It's scary to be different but by being different you get rewarded. Taking bigger risks teaches us a possible failure, failure is a necessary step to Success. Every girl is a Wonder Woman she just needs to believe it"

- Olga Kay

olga Kay founder of MooshWalks

Olga Kay was born in a Russian village in Crimea.

"Growing up poor was the best gift given, every day I would force myself to think outside of the box" 

At 14 years old she joined a Russian Circus. She immigrated to the USA at the age of 16 with Ringling Brothers Circus as a juggler. Her Entrepreneurial journey began when she discovered Youtube in 2006 and built it into a successful media and brand partnership career with over 1.3M + followers on social and 160M+ views on her content. 

"The young girl in me wanted to create something very special for today's youth. We all have something to offer but we are often not given the opportunity to be heard because we go unnoticed by others. Creating Moosh Walks was my way to give everyone that loud statement as soon as you walk into the room. When people pay attention, its easier to connect and share your story. Seeing young girls become more confident & excited when they wear Moosh Walks, makes me realize that I made a right choice giving life to Moosh Walks when I woke up early one morning with an idea for this Brand. Looking back at my journey so far, I give full credit to everyone who encouraged me to think outside of the box and pave my own path"