5 Reasons to wear Moosh Walks Socks (With Pictures)

5 Reasons to wear Moosh Walks Socks (With Pictures)

Socks with wings

Photo by Chy Creative

There are lots of socks out there that are fun, bright and unique in their own way. Our goal was to take all of that into the consideration and still create socks that were different and offered more than the rest. Here are the 5 reasons to why you should wear Moosh Walks Socks.

1. Ears and Wings

When we first thought of Moosh Walks, we wanted to make sure this line of socks felt alive and told a story. We wanted for them to feel animated while you were wearing them, thats why the ears and wings are a great addition to your walk as they flop around with each step. The soft plush ears also attract attention, next thing you know you've made few new friends while staying in line at the movie theater. 

socks with ears

Photo by Katrin Leo Pako

2. Grippy bottoms

How come baby socks come with grippy bottoms and adult socks don't? Moosh Walks come with non slip bottoms just like the baby socks do and now you don't have to fall over your hard wood floors. Fun Fact: Our grippy design is the Original Moosh Walks Logo which helps you to stand strong on a piece of nostalgia. 

grippy bottoms socks

Photo by Katrin Leo Pako

3. Bright colors and stripes 

Truth be told, fun colors elevate our mood. You can wear an all black outfit and add pink bright socks and instantly, everyone is smiling and complimenting you on how colorful you look today. Stripes are also a sign of confidence and self believe. Confidence attracts good energy and surrounding your self with positivity creates even more confidence. 

striped socks by Olga Kay

Photo by Katrin Leo Pako

4. Secret powers

Each pair of Moosh Walks comes with their own personality, name, zodiac sign and a secret power. You need a boost in feeling a bit like a rebel, you would probably pick Spanky who is wild and creative. You are feeling like you need more inner peace, Lily would be your perfect buddy with her meditative state. Need more wisdom and clarity - Carla the wise owl should be on your feet ASAP. 

Moosh Walks cool socks 

5. Wont slide down 

We got so much feedback from our customers about how happy they were that Moosh Walks Socks didn't slide down and stayed on their legs all day so we thought it was an important reason to share with you guys as well. 

knee high socks

Photo by Heidi Allen

Happy Mooshing everyone and don't forget to rub the soft ears with your nose for good luck before you put them on!

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Was lucky enough to win 6 pairs of Moosh Walks socks – just got them in the mail this morning – they are gorgeous and such fun! They deserve to be framed….but I want to wear when I go for my daily walk – I know I am going to make a bunch of new friends!

Thank you Olga for such a great gift – your life story is an inspiration – wishing you success and happiness always!


dominique jeuge

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