Anime Expo 2016

Anime Expo 2016

Anime Expo 2016Have you ever visited Anime Expo in Los Angeles? Its the biggest Anime community which gets together every summer to celebrate Cosplay, Table top gaming, concerts, extensive Expo Hall, Artist Alley and more. This year we wanted to join in on this party and brought MooshWalks Socks as one of the vendors at the event.

Here is me jumping on the table at our Booth (1730).

MooshWalks Socks and Anime Expo


Anime Expo began as an anime and manga convention in Northern California. Many of its original staff came from Anime Con, an anime convention held in San Jose, California in 1991, and later absorbed by the SPJA in 1992. In 1994, Anime Expo made a strategic relocation to Southern California and has resided there since.

The convention continues to thrive due to the growing popularity of anime and Japanese popular culture and maintains a strong draw due to the many notable Japanese guests it has been known for. It currently holds the title of North America's largest anime convention, a title which it has consistently held every year except 2003 in which its attendance was slightly edged out by east coast convention Otakon.[2] From 1,750 attendees in 1992, Anime Expo's size has increased to over 90,500 in 2015, which makes Anime Expo the largest anime and manga convention in North America.

ANIME EXPO 2016 SCHEDULEAnime Expo 2016 Schedule

For a full schedule of event click HERE


anime expo 2016 Olga Kay snapchat fiter Ā furry

3-5 Different Snapchat filters are available for you during the event. We are so so happy to have our own Snapchat filter at The Anime Expo as well. Feel free to share your snaps with us using the filter.

I hope to see you at the expo!

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