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Take me on - REMAKE?

Posted on June 14 2016

Take me on - REMAKE?

I got to say I wish I was driving down the street in Los Angeles when Marlon WebbSplack Chauncey Stubbs were filming this video so I can yell "YOU GUYS ARE HILARIOUS but then fan girl over the fact that Splack is wearing Lola from our MooshWalks Family.

The video was so entertaining and hilarious and I am so glad a friend of mine spotted MooshWalks and shared the link and now I get to share it with you.


Last year, June 2015 - all of us were at Vidcon and I was lucky enough to stay in the room next to someone who had way too much fun. One of those days when I wanted to take a nap between panels, I heard lots of laughing and screaming and something that sounded like humans were throwing each other against my wall. So in my personal style I knocked on our joint door with my body and yelled: "YO, CAN I JOIN YOUR PARTY?" The voice responded with "Who is this?" to which I replied: "Who are you?"


We both opened the door to see who is on the other side and I've discovered that my neighbors that year were King Bach, Splack and JD Witherspoon. They on the other hand, discovered an army of MooshWalks Socks laying all over my room.

"What is THAT?" the comment followed and I explained that I make socks and they should wear them. They did.

King Bach wearing socks

So waking up a year later and seeing MooshWalks flopping their wings on Splack's feet in this hilarious video is like seeing your child graduating high school heheh

Per usual, keep on MOOSHING Aroung everyone!


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