Moosh Walks Journey Project (with Pictures)

Moosh Walks Journey Project (with Pictures)

Moosh Walks Journey Project

What is Moosh Walks Journey Project?

Moosh Walks Journey Project brings global photographers together to capture Moosh Walks Socks around the world. Each photographer is given full freedom to incorporate the socks into their creative process. Starting with babies and ending with grumpy grandpas and their dogs. ANYTHING GOES. So far we have photographers from Australia, Estonia, Ireland, UK and USA (Colorado, Pensilvania, New York, Georgia, California, South Carolina, Delaware, Maryland)

Heidi Allen Moosh Walks Journey

Photos by Heidi Allen Photography

How can someone become a photographer for MWJ?

The candidates are usually picked from Instagram. We are looking for professional photographers who have passion for creative and fun photography. We have a select small group of beginners as well who are perfecting their craft along side with our Pros. You can also send us an email at if you would like to be considered for the project.


Why was MWJ Project created?

This project was created to bring talented people together to help each other grow. As a start up-building brand awareness in the first few years of the company's growth is an important task.  Each photographer is featured on MooshWalks (reach 30K+) and Olga Kay's (reach 1.5M+) social media channels and an upcoming documentary series titled "Moosh Walks Journey" on youtube. Our goal is to help everyone grow professionally as the Brand grows and vise versa. 

Who is part of Moosh Walks Journey so far?

We are looking forward to growing this project to 100 people this year. 

Thank you to every one who is involved so far. If you want to see the latest post follow #MooshWalksJourney tag on Instagram.


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