INC Magazine | Moosh Walks Socks Story

INC Magazine | Moosh Walks Socks Story

 Mooshwalks with throwboy pillows

As a little girl, I always thought I would become a Circus Performer  and spend the rest of my life traveling the world with many different circuses. In life not everything works out the way we plan, for which I am very thankful. 

My story goes something like this: at 14 years old I joined the Circus, at 16 I moved to USA to travel with Ringling Brothers Circus (One goal is completed), in 2006 I discovered Youtube and spent many years creating entertaining content for millions of teens around the world and I would have never thought that starting and building Moosh Walks brand would be my true passion. 

Today, when I travel, I never leave an airport without picking up few of my favorite magazines that write about Entrepreneurs. One of which is INC. I am so excited to share Moosh Walks's Journey so far in this Month's article in INC Magazine. I am even more excited to motivate every young girl or guy out there to follow their dreams and not be afraid to fail on the way to their success.  

 Full Article Here.

1. Utilize resources to the fullest
Growing up in a small village Russia, Kay's family had to be creative to survive: they did not have much money, and neither did anyone else in the area. At times, she told me, her parents were paid for their work with bags of sugar. Her family could not afford to buy new shoes on a regular basis, so shoes would be bought larger than needed and stuffed with fabric, and old shoes patched with rubber and glue. The experience of growing up in such an environment taught Kay to see the potential in limited resources, and to maximize the value that she derived from whatever was available to her. It was in the that sense that she began a YouTube channel without money for lighting, or for sound and camera equipment - instead, she figured out techniques to make video shot with an old MacBook look great. Likewise, when she started Moosh Walks, she figured how to leverage her social media following to get feedback on products, rather than relying on expensive professionals.

4. You must risk failing.

One of the common stories vis-à-vis all of Kay's ventures - from joining the circus as a teen to her building a channel and large following on YouTube to founding and running Moosh Walks - has been that she pursued something because she wanted to, even though she did not have the experience or resources of many others with whom she was effectively competing. She had to learn by reading - or, in the case of juggling and video shooting, by practicing many hours a day - but, in the end, even with the knowledge, success requires taking risks.

"I feel so many people are holding themselves back because they don't have enough money or they are scared of the failure." said Kay, "In reality, failure and mistakes are the exact moments that propel you closer to success. Each step you take prepares you for the next."

MooshWalks socks on the beach
When I first googled Socks with Ears and found zero results, I knew I had to follow through with my idea and bring those creatures to life. I am lucky to say that others found my crazy idea appealing. 
Thank you for walking this journey with us.
You can read the full article HERE.
Be Unique. Be Innovative. And NEVER give up!!!
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