Cheerleading teams and MooshWalks socks

Summer is almost over but that doesn't mean

the chearleading camps are shutting down.

Philadelphia's Crispin Cheerleading Squad is wearing Fred from MooshWalks family at their UCA camp. They are the first cheerleading team to sport one of our designs. 

As a former circus performer myself and obviously being very passionate about knee high socks, seeing these skilled ladies looking so fantastic with Fred on their feet, left me smiling all day.

So I got this idea. What if we dress more cheerleaders into Mooshwalks.

So today, I am asking YOU to help me spread the word. If you or know someone who is part of a cheerleading squad, share this idea with them.

Goals are achieved by 

  1. Setting them 
  2. Releasing them into the universe
  3. Seeing them come true

Today we've set up the trajectory and I can't wait to see more teams wear MooshWalks as part of their uniforms. 

Special discount will be available for sport teams if the order meets the criteria (10 pairs or more of the same design) for more information please email

CHEER ON Mooshers!


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Hey this are the lovely, cute and funky socks.i like these Knee socks.


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