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Juggling Lessons During Quarantine


Hello everyone,

Olga Kay is here. Its hard to tell how long we might be in quarantine. I've been observing what parents are going through as they work from home while making sure their kids are getting proper attention. Since outside activities are limited right now, I thought these juggling lessons might be a great alternative for our brains and bodies. One hour juggling lesson can prolong your kid's activity throughout the day and its a great skill to learn for kids and adults. 

Please note: Our classes are available to groups of min 8 people, max 20 people. to set up a custom class please email


  • Juggling is a portable workout (Perfect for the living room) 
  • It makes you smarter.
  • It sharpens your concentration.
  • Juggling is an ultimate stress reliever. 
  • Improves your coordination. 
  • Juggling is beneficial for any age.
  • Juggling makes exercising with family and friends easy.  


We will focus on beginner skills. If you never juggled before... perfect! The lesson will last one hour. You can take a single lesson or come back for as many lessons as you wish. First 30 minutes we will spend juggling scarves, if you don't have juggling scarves, you can get them here!!! This will be the simplest way to learn and understand the basic fun patterns of juggling. Second portion of the class, we will learn how to juggle 1...2...3 balls. We'll be using rolled up socks instead of juggling balls because everyone has socks! 

We will also incorporate Moosh Walks's leadership messages into our lessons, focusing on developing curiosity, big ideas, positivity, vulnerability and many other skills. 


  • You'll need 3 juggling scarves which you can pre-order here. 

  • 3 pairs socks that you can roll into a ball. 



  • Set up your juggling class by emailing (you'll be able to pick date and time)
  • Download zoom (More instructions on how to use ZOOM here )
  • We will email you the link to the zoom meeting live stream and password
  • Arrive on time, because we will not have anyone to troubleshoot once we go live
  • Get your scarves ready
  • Get your 3 pairs of socks, any socks, rolled up into balls ready. 


ME! I am Olga and I immigrated to the USA as a juggler with Ringling Brothers Circus in 1999. Later I ended up juggling for numerous TV projects including commercials for Burger King, Smirnoff, Dirt Devil etc. Post juggling career, I created comedy content on Youtube with over 160M views.

Will it Juggle? is one of the short form shows, where I would juggle everything my viewers suggest. Today, I am a proud Founder of Moosh Walks and our focus is to develop future female leaders through empowering storytelling and actionable activities. I thought it would be a perfect time to whip out my juggling skills and teach others to occupy their brains during these uncertain times. 


  • More energy
  • Your kids will stay busy for hours
  • You might discover new ideas because juggling makes your brain think differently  

I am looking forward to see you with your scarves and socks and good energy. 

NOTE: Kids ages 5 and older will keep up easily with the class. All times are in PST (Los Angeles)

Stay safe everyone 

Olga Kay


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