Big Ideas for Tiny Leaders

Less than 5% of females become Fortune 500 Company CEOs today because our young girls are not getting the right leadership messages at the right time.

Olga Kay is a founder of Moosh Walks, the brand that focuses on building Future Female Billionaires. Leadership development has to start at a young age to ensure the confidence for the leadership positions.

Future Female Billioners

pictured is Izzie (8 Years Old) 

Moosh Walks are a set of characters with real life superpowers: Resilience, Wisdom, Vulnerability, Curiosity are just a few superpowers our young girls need today to become fearless leaders of tomorrow.

Moosh Walks Characters


This fall we are launching our first Kickstarter for “Big Ideas for Tiny Leaders” by Moosh Walks. A collection of short stories about each Moosh Walks Character and how they overcome obstacles and develop new opportunities with their superpowers.

Lily and big ideas

Stories featuring already-accomplished women are necessary examples for young girls, however children connect best to characters that feel relatable as they discover their own voice. Moosh Walks immersive stories and characters make young girls feel like they'are right there with the characters overcoming obstacles and taking on the world. This is why we focus on storytelling and play to educate the next wave of female leaders.

LILY is our lead character and her superpower is BIG IDEAS. She invents everyday, she takes risks, she accomplishes her goals and she often fails. Failure is not the end of the road for Lily, it’s a necessary step to Success.

Lily Moosh Walks Character


“I grew up in a small village in Russia and I never had any opportunities until I ran away with the circus. Being exposed to possibilities made me want to achieve more and take more risk. When I built my following on Youtube of mostly girls, I realized that every young girl was struggling with fitting in and finding her own voice. I believe if we give a young girl an empowering story, she will grow up leaving a LEGACY. - Olga Kay

Olga Kay in her village

With 1.3 M+ followers and over 160M+ views on her social content, Olga Kay knows how to connect with loyal following. 

 Olga Kay and youtube fans


FUN FACT: Olga Kay immigrated to the USA to perform with Ringling Brother Circus as a juggler.

Olga Kay's Circus

Thank you for much for considering "Big Ideas for Tiny Leaders" by Moosh Walks and thank you for supporting our vision.

| Only 2% of women Founders get funding for their companies and even lesser percentage of women get funding if they are not in the tech ecosystem. This is why we are taking this campaign straight to the public. | 

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