Email Article to Joanne Wilson

Hi Joanne,

Everyone says: "Only write a short email to a person you've never met" but as they say: "Fortune Favors the BOLD" So fuck it, I didn't create a copy-cat company so following an email etiquette is not in my DNA. Here I am, I hope you read this.

I came across you online and I felt empowered. You carry a sense of strength and a spirit of an old soul which I could see from one photo of you.

However you feel, or will feel about me in the future, I feel like I know you from many different lives before. To me you represent Hope, Compassion & Trust.

My company is Moosh Walks, we focus on empowering young girls to become fearless leaders through storytelling & innovative product design. Even though today the only stream of revenue are our sock sales, this is a transmedia brand with many legs to stand on. 


My goal this year was to continue to bootstrap my company and get to $400K in revenue, before I explored angel rounds while my factory fronting the capital for needed inventory to support the projections. Some shit doesn't work out as planned. I have an ambitious vision and I am always reminded that I am doing something I should be doing.

When I was a circus performer in Russia, I never even thought that my true calling would become Entrepreneurship. I came to the US at 16 years old with Ringling Brothers Circus, I dropped out of high school in Russia and was put in second grade in America due to lack of English. I proudly dropped out of 2nd grade in America a year later. 

When I was a YouTube Personality,  in my mid 20s is when I realized I love turning unusual things into businesses, before people realized the power of Youtube, it was already my full time job by 2009, working with many brands like: Microsoft, Google, Relativity Media, Sony Pictures etc. I had over a million followers and I thought my journey will lead me to own a production company.



Every time I've changed my careers I can literally connect the dots to why I am doing what I am doing today.

Entrepreneurship is the hardest journey I have been on and I love every moment of it. When I woke up with a crazy idea to put ears on socks I was so thrilled to fill that gap in the market and I was scared shitless because I had no clue where to start or how to build a company. Today, I know how to do most everything.

Everyone thought it was nuts to put ears on socks & I was told no one would buy the product. I stuck to my reason WHY which is to give the option for every young girl to walk into the room and stand out so she can then, make friends, share her story. My customers love my product and I am happy I only listened to my gut. I knew I was starting a trend so I bought - Today many people are copying my idea but I am not building a sock company so they can suck it. 


Everyday I am told by people how proud they are  seeing me achieving all the success and how lucky I am to do what I do and how much they wish they could do the same.

One day I want to share with the world the face behind success, I've always posted publicly about my milestones and I've always taking these photos privately to remind myself what I had to go through to achieve milestones.

My vision is massive for what I am building and I believe 1000% how necessary it is for the future female leaders. I go back and forth feeling confident to feeling absolutely nuts about my vision and wonder why I am the one who has to do it. What gives me energy is remembering that I am that young girl who grew up in a tiny village without opportunities and I am the one who had to build what I have today without family money or pure luck. I am the immigrant who is building an American Dream at any sacrifice and I know, I can't stop because if I keep going every young girl out there will at least try to do the best at any career path she chooses.   

 In the last few years I've been getting quotes to animate my characters for $5K a minute to $15K a minute which would be an insane spend but a necessary component to my complete vision, so I got so pissed and learned how to animate myself. I can pretty much do 80% of my vision myself for this company but I want to build the team so badly and really get my vision out there and now I am stuck. The reason I might not hit my $400K projections this year simply because I cant buy inventory because the revenue I generated last year went to paying off my loans and I cant get more loans because my credit was ruined during beginning years of this business and this year my inventory buy is tripled to meet my projections. 

I am stuck and I hate every second of it especially during the time of finally growing. 

I am applying to a handful of accelerators, funds who support immigrant women founders but I would rather work with YOU even if you reject me now and if you do, I'll keep coming back until you don't or I give up. I rarely give up though. If you are not interested, I would still love to meet you and talk about my dating experience I am putting into a book :D

(this picture is here to break up all this text)

Everyone I talk to tells me that I should come back to them once I hit a million dollars in revenue but what are the other options that support getting to a million dollars in revenue?

I have opportunities at front of me like teaming up with Daymond John's Shark Group and go hard into retail channels, Google is willing to optimize my marketing campaigns free of cost, I had to turn down FabFitFun opportunity and other events like that because participating needs funding.  

I can get to a billion dollars in revenue if I have the necessary financial support and I can do it at haft the price because I now know way too many skills to fail. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

My DECK is attached for more information.

Here is something to smile about. 

Here is my dog Roxy and my Cat Mushka

Thank you and I enjoy seeing what you are doing for women and so so happy I came across you.