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Olga Kay SpeakerOlga Kay is an entrepreneur with an innovative business and brand-building approach. She is the founder of Moosh Walks, a trans-media brand with a focus on bridging the gender gap by providing creative leadership development for young girls, through empowering storytelling with Moosh Walks characters.

Previously, a Youtube personality with over 160M + views and 1.3M followers across social media platforms.

Recent project: "Lily's Big Idea" book for children. Lily is the lead character inside the Moosh Walks Universe. 

Lily moosh walks big ideas



Most of us would agree that we play it safe to make sure that we have financial security and a headache-free life. I had no other choice but to embrace the unknown. Now, I am addicted to discovering just what amazing opportunities diving in head first can bring. When we step into the unknown, we open numerous doors that create lifelong opportunities for our careers and lives. 

This talk is about bravery and tips on overcoming fears. 


Fewer than 5% of females today become FORTUNE 500 CEOs. Fewer than 25% are in leadership positions. These are well-educated women with the same opportunities as the opposite sex. What is the biggest missing link? Our young girls are not getting the right leadership messages at the right time. They are, on the subconscious level, afraid to pursue leadership positions. Education DOES NOT translate into leadership. I've developed a unique approach to developing leadership skills on the subconscious level, for ages 6-11. 

This talk is about women empowerment, the importance of the right messaging and early childhood leadership development. Our subconscious journey, an aspect of the mind that either promotes or prevents our success in life.  


We never try to change our lives when everything is going well. Why would we? Once we hit rock bottom, however, is when our creativity starts to blossom. We think about creative ways to get out of our unwanted situation. The need of something engenders the ability to perceive opportunity and develops the drive to follow our dreams. When we are at our lowest ebb, we learn how to dream again.

This talk is about the positive aspects of the times when we hit the rock bottom, or, perhaps, have been born into rock bottom.  


We live in the era of social media which means we fortunate to be powerful storytellers of our brand. Building a Youtube following taught me a lot about authentic connection to an audience. Customers and followers are looking to connect to someone real for them to invest their energy. 

This talk is about the importance around social media brand building for the GenZ generation. 


  • She is living proof of her cause. As an immigrant herself, she understands the challenges of overcoming major obstacles in peoples’ lives and careers. 
  • Her personal experience gives her insight into many industries: Entertainment, Hollywood, Content creation, Entrepreneurship, Brand building, Social media marketing, Leadership development... even the circus! Why not? 
  • Olga presents in English from Russian roots with love. 

Educational background: a proud high school drop out with an immersive street knowledge, resilience, drive and the ability to think outside of the box.  



Olga was born in a small village in Crimea, Russia. She lived there for 14 years. Experiencing a lack of electricity, running water or salaries for her parents, she was exposed to survival skills at a young age. Escaping the village and running away with the circus at 14 years of age was the first step into the multi-faceted careers that followed. 

Olga emigrated to the USA at 16 years of age with Ringling Brothers Circus as a juggler.  She has been juggling her numerous career paths ever since. Olga was one of the few females in the world with a juggling act on an unsupported ladder. Coming to the USA without speaking the language or having any friends was intimidating yet, after two years of traveling with the circus, she realized that America is her home with endless opportunities.  

Olga Kay juggling

In 2006, Olga discovered YouTube and became one of the pioneers of the platform, quickly turning it into her full-time job as a content creator across all genres: comedy, drama, lifestyle and gaming. Her popularity grew to 1.3M+ followers worldwide, with over 160M+ on her content. Olga's fans were teenage girls who were looking for ways to fit in while discovering their own voice. 

Olga Kay with Youtube Fans

Launching Moosh Walks was the next step in the quest to empower the next generation to become leaders. 

 "I have a massive vision for Moosh Walks, realizing just how powerful our subconscious mind is when it comes to pursuing our dreams and achieving success. Today, we are developing our first leadership book featuring Moosh Walks characters and their superpowers, such as Big Ideas, Curiosity, Vulnerability, Communication, and many others. Those are the true superpowers our girls need today to eliminate fear and become powerful leaders of tomorrow. Not every girl will grow up and become a CEO, and that's OK, as long as she is not afraid to be a LEADER." 

-Olga Kay 

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