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The Original 3D socks with ears and wings. Our designs include Unicorn, giraffe, puppy, cat, dog, bunny, frog, pig, owl, red panda socks

Unicorn socks with wings. Billie is born January 29, Zodiac: Aquarius

Red Panda socks with ears. Twig is born October 1, Zodiac: Libra

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  • Why I started MooshWalks socks

    Thu, Oct 21, 21

    Hello Mooshers, My name is Olga Kay aka "MooshWalks" mommy or in more professional terms "MooshWalks" Founder and Creative Director. Why did I start MooshWalks company?       Before...

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  • NEW Shipping Rates

    Thu, Oct 21, 21

    Hello everyone,  Since The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is raising prices on postage, I unfortunately have to do the same. US Domestic shipping was $3.99 now 4.99 International shipping was...

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